RE:Framed Crows vs. Crops

A few days ago in class, I observed an activity my teacher created, called “Crows vs. Crops.” In this, one student sat facing three other students who were sitting side by side. We all are working on an innovation project, … Continue reading

Re:Framed Unknown Unknowns in GMOs and Hydrogenated oils

Hello!  A few days ago my teacher blogged about anosognosia and the problem with unknown unknowns.  He explained how we should be self-aware and figure out what you don’t know with, as he coined it, “B.S. detectors,” that is, blind-spot … Continue reading

Re: Framed Innovative Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

Hello! Unlike Mahum, in this post I will be sharing GOOD cooking innovations.  Some can help save time for food preparation and take the boredom out of day-to-day tasks in the kitchen.  While, others are just creative and cool.  Sometimes the funny, creative ones end up being more successful than the practical ones because they’re different and cool, kinda like pillowpets!

1.Twister Fork

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RE:Framed Bad Food Innovations

These days companies are creating all new crazy innovations to attract consumers. Especially in the food industry, you’ll find lots of great innovative products. However, some of them aren’t very successful and turn out to be bad ideas. Here are some bad food innovations:


Canned Cheeseburger by Trekking Mahlzeiten

This is a burger stored in a can and all you need to do is to put the can in hot water for two minutes. After two minutes you can take it out and it’ll be ready to eat instantly. First of all I don’t know who want to eat a hamburger that has been stored in a can. Secondly, it doesn’t taste as good and has a shelf life of 12 months, which makes me so disgusted because I don’t know who would want to eat something that has been sitting there for a year. Continue reading

RE:Framed Don’t Wait for Later

A few days ago, I came across a video of a quick recipe by Food Network and decided to watch it. What I found really cool and weird about it was that there was a kid who was teaching how to cook the dish. He was in the kitchen using all these ingredients and utensils like a chef would and his demo was just like any other you would watch in a cooking show, such as Emeril Live and Giada at Home. Continue reading