Easy Lady Rainicorn inspired mini pancakes

Hello!  So, if you know me, then you’d know I love Adventure Time(I have Adventure Time nails as I am typing this).  And if you don’t know what Adventure Time is, well first off how could you not, and second of all, it’s a cartoon on Cartoon Network.  The show follows the main characters Finn and Jake on their everyday adventures along with many great friends.  I knew I wanted to make something Adventure Time related and I love Lady Rainicorn, Jake’s Korean girlfriend, so i decided to make rainbow pancakes inspired by her.  Now, I am no baker which is why I used pancake mix, but you can make the batter by hand.  These pancakes took about 20 minutes.

The cute couple and their babies.


1. 1 cup pancake mix or handmade batter-here’s a link http://allrecipes.com/recipe/good-old-fashioned-pancakes/

2. whisk

3. bowls (one to mix batter and six for different colors)

4. spatula

5. red, blue, yellow, and green food coloring

6. pan

7. 2/3 cup water( if you’re using pancake mix)

So, first off I poured 1 cup of the Krusteaz pancake mix into a bowl. Here’s what the mix looks like:

Then I poured the 2/3 cup of water into the bowl and used a whisk to mix.  Keep in mind that we’re going to separate the batter and mix with food coloring next, so it’s okay if it’s a little lumpy like LSP.  Separate the batter into six bowls and add food coloring.  I just kept adding and mixing until desired color.  I just mixed red and yellow to get orange and blue and red to get purple, since I didn’t have those colors.


After, I turned my stove to medium heat and poured! It took about 2 minutes for each to cook.  When it started to form holes I flipped it over.  Like this:


Here’s the finished product with a little Lady Rainicorn head I drew:


Cut open:


Thanks for reading and good luck!


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