Re: Framed Bad food challenges

Hello!  I love the internet.  It’s such a resourceful tool that is fast, connects you with other people, and is filled with tons of helpful information.  Without it, I don’t know what I would do(I think lots of people would agree with me on this).  However, there’s two sides to every story right?  In this case, there’s two sides to the internet.  There’s the side that could help you with finding the definition of a word or make you question where humanity has gone.  Today, I am focusing on the second, the bad side.  Or maybe good side, it depends on how YOU interpret it.  To me, the bad side is the place where dumb people share their dumb experiences with the world… like attempting food challenges for the gain of becoming “YouTube famous”, in return for their loss of self-respect, of course.  However, I am not saying I never go on that side or you should never.  To be honest, I go on that side more than I should.  What can I say?  Watching random people humiliate themselves, is super addicting.  Here are a few bad food challenges I’ve collected through the wonderful world of the internet.


1. Milk Gallon Challenge

In this challenge, the contender has to chug a gallon of milk in less than an hour without vomiting.  The stomach can only hold half a gallon of milk before your vomit reflex is triggered.  So, good luck trying to defeat this challenge.

2. The Cinnamon Challenge

One of my favorites, the cinnamon challenge requires you to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon, without the use of water, in 60 seconds.  Due to the drying properties of cinnamon, most people who attempt this challenge cough, gag, or vomit.

3. 150 Warheads Challenge

Possibly one of the most harmful, the 150 Warheads Challenge is to eat 150 warheads in under 10 minutes.  This challenge could result in a bloody tongue and damaged taste buds due to the extreme amount of acid.  Personally, I like eating so I think I’ll pass on this one.

4. Banana Sprite Challenge

All you have to do is eat two bananas and drink a liter of sprite.  Seems simple right?  Well, because of the heavily digestible bananas, the gas from the Sprite has a hard time making its way through your stomach, so naturally it’ll go up and out.

5. Michael Phelps Challenge

This challenge is based on Michael Phelps’ diet of 12,000 calories per day.  The challenger has to eat  two pounds of pasta, an extra-large pizza, three chocolate chip pancakes, three pieces of french toast, three fried egg sandwiches, a five-egg omelet and more in 30 minutes.


I hope these bad ideas can spark some good ideas!  Thanks for reading!

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