RE:Framed Don’t Wait for Later

A few days ago, I came across a video of a quick recipe by Food Network and decided to watch it. What I found really cool and weird about it was that there was a kid who was teaching how to cook the dish. He was in the kitchen using all these ingredients and utensils like a chef would and his demo was just like any other you would watch in a cooking show, such as Emeril Live and Giada at Home. The boy, named Brandon, seemed so professional and was having a lot of fun. I really liked how this was different than all the other cooking videos/shows I’ve seen. Most of the time there’ll be an adult who is very experienced teaching you, but this time there was a kid! I wouldn’t have expected this to be on the Food Network Channel, but I was really impressed.

This reminded me of a discussion we had in one of my classes a few weeks ago. Our class was talking about how anyone can be able to do anything they want and that they don’t have to be a certain age to accomplish something or make a difference in peoples’ lives. I thought about this a lot when I was watching this video, because at first I thought it was weird and silly that there was a little boy doing the demo and wondered who would actually try out his recipe. However, I realized that this video also gave a message that anyone can learn and be able to cook. It doesn’t matter what your age is or your amount of experience and qualification to do something that can impact others in a good way. Don’t let anything stop you from doing what you love most.

Check out one of Brandon’s awesome video!


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