Hello, it’s Melanie!  I’m going to start a series called Foodlights.  What is Foodlights, you ask?  Well, it is food and highlights put together.  Foodlights is basically a compilation of some of my favorite things I’ve eaten from the past week.  Well, in todays Foodlights, there is no “food” as my parents say, since most of the things I’m sharing are candy and desserts.  The definition of food is, according to any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc..  Chocolate has calcium which is vital for strong bones and we need sugar to convert into ATP, right?  So, I think I’ve made my point, candy and desserts are food and we obviously need them to live.  I’ll admit it, I have a major sweet tooth.

1. Harry Potter jelly beans


Although I’ve only seen a few reruns of the movies, and I’ve never read the books; I love Harry potter.  Don’t hate me for not reading the books first.  I’ll get to it…some day.  Wink, Wink.  Well, when I saw these precious babies in a little candy shop, I SOL, which is short for squealed out loud… which I just made up.  But, these are not just ordinary jelly beans with a Harry Potter box to lure in Harry Potter fans who give into consumerism, these have NASTY flavors!  Why am I so excited there are gross jelly beans?  I honestly don’t know, I’m weird like that.  Here’s a picture of the flavors:


As you can see, there is a mix of good and bad flavors, so don’t worry about wasting all of them by throwing up.  Personally, the “nasty” ones weren’t shocking to me.  Maybe I have bad taste buds.  However, my sister and mom thought differently.  I gave my mom vomit and my sister rotten egg and they screamed my name for at least a minute then began running for water.  So if you’re not brave enough to try a nasty flavor, then give it to someone else.  It’ll make fun times.

2. Green Tea and Passion Fruit KitKats


My favorite of the two has got to be passion fruit.  It has a sweet, creamy white chocolate base and some added tropical tart flavor from the passion fruit.  Honestly, most of the time the passion fruit flavor was a bit lackluster, and other times the passion fruit flavor was definitely prominent, but it was still delicious nonetheless. If I were to name the scent, I would call it fruity divine.  My sister’s friend’s mom gave these to my sisters and I, so I don’t know where you can find the passion fruit ones.  They’re definitely worth trying if you could find them, but other than that, they’re not “holy grail” status.  I believe there new and limited edition, so if you really want to get your hands on them, try amazon or ebay and do it quick!  On the other hand, I’ve seen lots of the green tea ones in Japanese grocery stores and Japanese import gift shops.  Although I can’t stand green tea, or any tea in general, because of the bitter taste; they were pretty yummy. You can definitely taste the green tea, but it isn’t super bitter thanks to the sweet white chocolate base.  I would repurchase if I saw them and they were reasonably priced(they run for about $10 a bag!!!), but I wouldn’t run to the store if I ran out.

3.  Ice cream Popin’ Cookin’


This was super fun to make with my sisters, even though they tasted pretty weird.  You can’t blame the makers though, when you make candy from just powder and water, it probably won’t taste superb.  I definitely recommend getting the sushi one if you’re new to Popin’ Cookin’.  It tasted pretty “decent.”  I usually buy them more for the experience rather than the eating part.  You can also find these in  Japanese grocery stores and Japanese import gift shops.

The finished result:


4.  More photos!


Yellow kiwi cheesecakes made by my aunt


Banana bundt cake made by my aunt


Meiji strawberry chocolate bar.  I NEED to have this in my life again!  It’s like the Apollo strawberry chocolate, but in bar form and therefore BETTER.  What the Apollo strawberry chocolate looks like:


Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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