RE:Framed Bad Food Innovations

These days companies are creating all new crazy innovations to attract consumers. Especially in the food industry, you’ll find lots of great innovative products. However, some of them aren’t very successful and turn out to be bad ideas. Here are some bad food innovations:


Canned Cheeseburger by Trekking Mahlzeiten

This is a burger stored in a can and all you need to do is to put the can in hot water for two minutes. After two minutes you can take it out and it’ll be ready to eat instantly. First of all I don’t know who want to eat a hamburger that has been stored in a can. Secondly, it doesn’t taste as good and has a shelf life of 12 months, which makes me so disgusted because I don’t know who would want to eat something that has been sitting there for a year.


Gerber Singles by Gerber

This product was introduced in 1974, but was pulled from shelves after a short time in stores. The idea was to create pureed meals for adults on the go. However, it was very similar to baby food in that it was packed in jars similar to baby food containers and the pureed food looked the same as it. Who would want to eat mushy food? I mean, most of us already suffered as babies, being forced to eat it until we were ready for finger foods. I don’t know who would want to experience that again. Plus, I wouldn’t eat this at work or out in public. People would think I’m crazy!


Cheetos Lip Balm 

This lip balm was made for Cheetos lovers who didn’t want to get their fingers orange and calories  from eating Cheetos. The pro was that it smelled just like them, but the con was  that it left a really bad cheese smell, which was not very attractive to others. Turns out that there are even more lip balms incorporated with food. You can find flavors such as, hamburger, french fries, dill pickle, corn dog, bacon, and even girl scout cookies.

There are way more bad ideas out there. Who knows what’ll be invented next?


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