RE:Framed Crows vs. Crops

A few days ago in class, I observed an activity my teacher created, called “Crows vs. Crops.” In this, one student sat facing three other students who were sitting side by side. We all are working on an innovation project, so the whole point of this was to have someone (the crop) explain his/her idea and have a group of other people (the crows) ask questions and comment on things related to the idea .Similar to when a chef presents his dish in front of a panel of judges, who critique it, pointing out ways of improvement.


Some people might have thought that it would be harsh because you are by yourself, while the others are constantly throwing out questions for you about every little detail on your innovation. However, we discussed that this was constructive criticism. All the things that were asked or the suggestions that were made to that person, were meant to help that person so they could fix any mistakes and improve upon their innovation. It could also enable them to see their  idea from other people’s point of views and find different ways to approach their work.


A great example can be when a chef gets his dish judged. The chef first gives his inspiration for the dish and then explains how he cooked it. Then the judges, after tasting, tell what they felt about the food and clarify (maybe shout, like Gordon Ramsey) what could be improved or kept for future cooking. Sometimes, what the judges have to say can be hurtful for cooks, but they know that it is important for them to take away from what the judges have to say because it’ll make them grow into even better chefs in the future.

Criticism can be good when it provides you new ways of looking at things and correcting your mistakes.



One thought on “RE:Framed Crows vs. Crops

  1. I totally agree that criticism provides you a new way of looking at things and to correct your mistakes. I believe that there is a fine line between constructive criticism and destructive criticism. Constructive criticism can be extremely helpful to you as another person may see your work from a different perspective than you do and see problems that you don’t see while destructive criticism can really demotivate you from continuing further. It is really cool to read someone else’s blog post on a similar topic that I wrote on.

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