Re:Framed Unknown Unknowns in GMOs and Hydrogenated oils

Hello!  A few days ago my teacher blogged about anosognosia and the problem with unknown unknowns.  He explained how we should be self-aware and figure out what you don’t know with, as he coined it, “B.S. detectors,” that is, blind-spot detectors.  These detectors point out your unknown unknowns so that you become a better person.

This idea of unknown unknowns can be greatly seen in the controversial topic of GMOs.  We know so little about GMOs and that’s why we should collaborate and use data to move forward and gain knowledge so that we can reduce the unknown unknowns.  After all, food safety is one of our top priorities, right?  We are constantly eating and we should know what we are putting into our bodies.  Not only should we think about our physical health, I think we should also consider our environmental health and how we’ll impact further generations.  We should always research and learn more (not just GMOs, but life in general).

Here’s a cartoon about GMOs to help you better understand!

Another example would be hydrogenated oils.  When you see hydrogenated oils on a label, just run away, you don’t want to put that stuff in your body!  Food companies are allowed to put 0 grams of transfat on our nutrition labels, even when there are harmful hydrogenated oils in the product. Adios crackers, cookies, frozen waffles, pudding, peanut butter, cereal bars, granola bars, prepared frozen foods, soups , salad dressings, and more! Don’t cut out all of your sugar and just eat celery yet!  Your brain is wired to eat sugar and if you don’t, you will always be exhausted and surprisingly, not lose any weight, as your metabolism slows down. I believe in eating whole, unprocessed fats such as butter, coconut oil, and avocados.  Eating healthy fats as part of a balanced diet consisting of whole nutritious foods is the way to stop sugar cravings.  This is because the fat sticks in your stomach longer and is digested at a slower pace, therefore you aren’t as hungry.  Don’t diet or worry about calories, focus more on nourishing your body!

Thanks for reading!

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