Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes and a lot of rambling?

Hello!  Yesterday I attempted to make pumpkin spice cupcakes in hopes of becoming less of a baking newbie.  After seeing my friends blog (check it out-http://itslikethisnthat.wordpress.com/) I knew I had to get my dusty, wrinkled baking hat out.  I used cake box for these but I’m working on it, I promise!  At least it’s a step in the right direction?  No matter how small?  A for effort?  To help get in the “baking mood” I put on some Tegan and Sara and all was right in the world. Definitely check them out if you’ve never heard of them, I recommend their new album, Heartthrob. Well anyways, here’s a picture:


Like my leaves? I guess that Photoshop class I took in middle school paid off! Actually, now that I think about it…not really.

I used Betty Crocker’s Spice Cake mix and since I was going for pumpkin spice, I decided to add one cup of pumpkin. (P.S. pumpkin does NOT smell good, but don’t worry, it’ll smell delicious once the batter is mixed)


The batter!!! Hey batter batter, hey batter batter swing…that whisk?


Poured and ready to go!


I think I subconsciously chose blue and pink wrappers due to the recent announcement of Olivia Wilde’s pregnancy with her fiance Jason Sudeikis. I love her, she is such an effortless beauty and super intelligent too! I also appreciate how she is really involved in volunteering and politics. I’m so happy for her, yet a part of me died a little.

Ahhhh! Can I have your mesmerizing eyeballs Ms. Wilde? Okay, enough of my woman crush, here are the cupcakes in the oven. Wishing them a safe trip as mommy goes to watch Parks and Recreation.


Olivia’s buns in the oven…actually, cupcakes in the oven.

20 minutes later (in that deep, robotic Spongebob voice, for those who get it)


Now they’re ready to go back from where they came from: zee tummy, my tummy, not Olivia’s(I wish).  Okay, that’s it, i’m done with the pregnant jokes. I need to stop.

I went to my older sister,Kelly, for much anticipated approval and pointers. Who would make sure your not acting like a fool and judge you honestly, even if it breaks your little baker heart:family, of course. After all, part of their reputation depends on you, right? Your family is never afraid to tell you the truth, since we’re “cool” with them and we can never stay mad at them.  Well, for me at least…except if you make a mess, THEN, they’ll probably never love you again, like my sister and mom.  In all seriousness, Kelly told me that they were really moist, in fact too moist and that I should take out an egg from the recipe, as it called for 3 eggs. My other sister, Emily chimed in that the cupcakes couldn’t be pulled from the wrapper effortlessly without crumbs stuck to the wrapper. She also added that they were delicious and continued eating until she gobbled three of them.

Their approval and constructive criticism keep me wanting to do more.  Without their detailed input, I would probably be “immune” to accept that my cupcakes are slightly messed up because I sometimes think i’m the best.  Sometimes we need people to tell you when your doing wrong so that you can be a better person, or in my case, baker. Like in Greek Mythology, when Icarus was told by his father, Daedalus not to soar too far up in the sky, he didn’t listen and his wings melted off because of the sun and he died. Tragic, I know. So, listen to your family and others willing to give you insightful constructive criticism. By the way, the cupcakes would taste even better with cream cheese frosting, but I didn’t have any on me. Also, they perfectly compliment coffee on a fall morning, trust me, I did it!

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day!


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