Chanel and McDonalds

Hello! Today I’m talking about an interesting subject, as two things are compared you’d never think in a million years to put together: Chanel and Mcdonalds. Yes, that’s right. I chose this because I was inspired by Charles Dickens’ genius use of juxtaposition in his opening paragraph of A Tale of Two Cities. He compares many things such as wisdom and foolishness, light and darkness, and hope and despair all into the French Revolution. Seemed odd at first, but after a few moments of confusion, I realized they all are true, as it depends on how you viewed the French Revolution. To the kings, it was probably most of the positive words and well, the peasants(most of the population), were sadly on the other end of the spectrum.

Going back to the photo, I would like to strongly disagree(AND YELL) with this jerk, Karl Lagerfeld. Mr. Lagerfeld(actually, I take that back, he doesn’t deserve to be called Mr., that title is reserved for gentlemen)is supposedly the “head designer and creative director” (in a mocking, silly face with rolled eyes) for Chanel, but as my mama always told me, “Money can’t buy class or solve ignorance.” I don’t understand why “skinny” is chic or fashionable. Do people think skinny people look better in clothes? I don’t take “skinny” or whatever that means, as a compliment either. Personally, I would rather be strong and healthy. I’m never going to change myself for someone or something. If I do choose to work out, I’m doing to it be healthier, not because it’s what this corrupted society thinks we all should look like. I’m never going to starve myself, anyways I can’t even if I tried, Mcdonalds and chocolate are in a committed relationship with me. I can’t leave them. I love them. Additionally, he called the beautiful and extremely talented Adele, FAT. Who is he to judge her? Ughhh, I’ve got to go punch a pillow. Bye.

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