RE: Framed “The Readiness is All”


So a short while ago a watched a short sports documentary, and I have to say that for me, it was very inspirational and emotional. In it though, one of the lines from Shakespeare’s Hamlet was quoted and incorporated into the story line. It stated, “The readiness is all.” I really liked this quote because I had read it before in a few places, but this time I really thought about its significance and meaning. For me, I believe that it serves as a reminder that we should always be prepared to face difficulties and conflicts that we will come across in the future, whether it be in our education, career, or personal life. In addition, it sends a message that we should be aware of what is going on so that when the time comes, we are ready to face and overcome our challenges.


To give a better understanding, I’ll use the example of a chef. To become successful, chefs have to be ready to overcome hurdles headed their way. They will come across people who don’t like their food or their cooking techniques,  but those opinions shouldn’t be a bother because a good chef will be prepared to take on the criticism and as a result improve himself as a better human being and cook. Also, a chef has to be aware of the many opportunities that will be available and be ready to seize them if he is confident that it will suit his needs.

Overall, I think the quote, “The readiness is all” can apply to lots of different situations in our daily lives. I’ll leave you with one piece of advice to achieve success, and that is:


Hope you enjoyed!


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