There Is No “I” In Food


Last week I started watching a very well-known film called, Hoosiers, and in it, Coach Normandale said something that I thought related really well with food. 

” Five players on the floor functioning as one single unit: team, team, team – no one more important that the other.” -Coach Normandale

Basically, Coach explains that a single player’s effort does not make a team, it is the work of everyone in the group that makes one team. Similarly, with food, it’s the different components of a dish that make it a dish.  For example, chicken pot pie isn’t chicken pot pie if it is without chicken, vegetables, gravy, dough crust, and seasonings. Those separate ingredients when put together form a single tasty dish. If you think about it, when cooking, you don’t just use one single item. Even something simple as fried egg requires at the least an egg, salt, pepper, and maybe butter or oil.

 -Mahum 🙂

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