Grateful for a big tummy

Hello! I’ve been reading A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens and I’ve learned a new, eye-opening fact I would like share with you today. Or not, it depends if you want to continue reading and listen. First off, what really caught my attention was how hungry the peasants were in that time period. Dickens uses great imagery to convey the starving peasants(and baby) as they drank spilled wine from the muddy street. This made me realize that we still face the same problems as the French Revolution today. We have millions of hungry people dying everyday. If we all contribute, even in the smallest way, we can hopefully reduce the amount. Or just be grateful for what food you do have. This reminds me of a story my dad told me after his trip to Africa. He told me that when he brought m&m’s and fruit snacks for the local village’s kids, they went crazy. It was as if they’ve never heard or seen of m&m’s and fruit snacks. My dad wished he brought more, but there would never be enough, there’s just too many kids. They will always be hungry while I sit here with my dark chocolate pomegranate seeds. A little off topic, but you should try some, there from Trader Joe’s and they’re AMAZING. Sad thing is, I know that even if everyone volunteered, there would never be enough to feed everyone on this huge Earth we all share.  There’s just too many people and not enough food and resources.  So, be grateful for what you have.  I’m grateful for these dark chocolate pomegranate seeds, chocolate, cookies, ice cream, and cake. Ooops, I’m drooling on my keyboard. What are you grateful for?

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