Re:Framed Comedy in the Kitchen

Comedy is about something that went wrong but instead of making us scream or cry it made us laugh. I’m pretty sure that all of us have made silly mistakes and faced some mishaps when we first started cooking or baking and I know that when we look back at those moments we laugh and realize how silly we were. Today I learned about the different techniques of comedy and thought I would relate these techniques with my past experiences in the kitchen.

Here is a list of some of the funny incidences during my five years working in the kitchen along with the comedic techniques it represents in bold:

  • Mistake: Hitting an egg on the rim of the bowl too much, creating multiple cracks. After cracking the egg, small pieces of the shell would fall into the bowl.    cracked egg
  • Extreme Ignorance or Stupidity: Deciding to take out a huge tray of cookies out from the oven with one hand and losing balance of the tray, causing the cookies to slide and drop. Also, forgetting to put on oven mitts and grabbing the hot tray, burning my hands. Ouch! BhYee
  • Contrast and Unexpected: Not following the recipe and directions precisely and then discovering that the food doesn’t look like the one in the picture.badcookies
  • Recognized Embarrassment: Trying the outsmart the recipe by adding in other ingredients that I think will make the recipe better or using substitutes for ingredients I don’t have and then realizing I should just stick to the original recipe.

Another technique used to achieve comedy is dramatic irony, which is when we know something that the character doesn’t.

Lines cartoon, Cooking up a stormThis cartoon displays dramatic irony because we know something that the kids don’t. It’s also very funny! Here’s another comedic cartoon.

comedyrecipeI think this one is really funny because this character doesn’t know that oil and water never mix. Every cook should know that!

I hope you laughed reading this post and that you could relate to some of these funny incidences. What other silly things have you done?

-Mahum 🙂                                               

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