A few days ago in class I participated in my first BRAWL ( Battle Royale All Will Learn). A BRAWL is basically a discussion in which one person from each group sits in a circle and answer and reply to questions, while the rest of the students observe. The questions asked are created by students a few days before and groups prepare answers ahead of time. So anyway, I was a little nervous sitting in the circle, but it turned out to be pretty fun and easy. Especially if you are well prepared and confident in your answer.


Later in the day, my mom was watching Cutthroat Kitchen on the Food Network and I watched a little part of it. It kind of reminded me of the brawl we did because similarly, the competing chefs presented their dish and explained the reasoning behind their ingredient choices. They were well aware of the task given to them and were able to defend their choices really well. I think the best way to prepare for the brawl is to make sure you know what is going on in the story clearly and are caught up on all the reading. This will make it easier to answer questions as well as understand them.

Good Luck on the next BRAWL!


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