#ideaFM: Baking for Benches



I wanted to talk about a project that my friend and I have been working on for the past few months. It’s called Baking for Benches and as you can tell, we are raising money so that we can buy benches for our Mosque. The Mosque is an important and special place for us so we wanted to give back by donating some new benches that would replace the old ones and be of good use to everyone. We decided to raise money mainly by holding bake sales at the Mosque and by selling baked goods at school because both of us really enjoy baking. Plus, people love buying baked goods. We are also accepting donations and even made two donation boxes to collect our money in.


So far we have held 4 successful bake sales at the Mosque and have been taking orders at school from our classmates. We have raised close to $600 and are close to our goal. We hope to be able to buy at least 3 wooden benches and have them installed by May. Any remaining money we have will be donated to our Mosque.

Here are some pictures of the baked goods we made and sold:



Follow us:   Instagram  @bakingforbenches

Twitter  @Bake4Benches



(P.S. go check out my friend Zainab’s blog here!)


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