Only 15 days…

Hey! Hope you guys are enjoying your summer!

You probably might not know this, but Ramadan ,the month in which we fast from before sunrise till sunset, is approaching. Only 15 more days! This is one of the best times of the year for me. First of all, preparing for Ramadan is really fun. My brothers and I get together and make samosas, egg rolls, and wontons. This is the only time that they actually help me because that’s the only way they’ll be able to eat the food. Making the somosas takes a little bit of time though. My mom usually makes the filling, then me and my two brothers split the rest of the work. Like I’ll fold the dough sheets, then one of us fills it, and the other closes them and puts them in a Ziploc bag.




Another fun part during Ramadan is obviously when we break our fast. Our table is always full of delicious food, but it’s not so healthy. As you can tell there’s a lot of fried food. Even the fruit chaat (fruit salad) has sugar put into it! This is the only month where my family consumes the most oily food. I usually think that I’ll lose some weight because I’m eating fewer meals, but as you can see that doesn’t happen. I probably gain weight, sadly.

Iftar-ing (1)

Lastly, I love seeing people daily at my mosque. A lot of things go on there and it’s nice to spend time with my friends.





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