RE: Framed “The Readiness is All”

Hey! So a short while ago a watched a short sports documentary, and I have to say that for me, it was very inspirational and emotional. In it though, one of the lines from Shakespeare’s Hamlet was quoted and incorporated … Continue reading

Innovative Agricultural Technologies

Since we’ve been discussing a lot about our innovation projects in English class, I decided to explore on what kinds of projects related to food are out there. Surprisingly, I found this really cool company, which works to find new … Continue reading

RE:Framed Crows vs. Crops

A few days ago in class, I observed an activity my teacher created, called “Crows vs. Crops.” In this, one student sat facing three other students who were sitting side by side. We all are working on an innovation project, … Continue reading

Re:Framed Unknown Unknowns in GMOs and Hydrogenated oils

Hello!  A few days ago my teacher blogged about anosognosia and the problem with unknown unknowns.  He explained how we should be self-aware and figure out what you don’t know with, as he coined it, “B.S. detectors,” that is, blind-spot … Continue reading

RE:Framed Bad Food Innovations

These days companies are creating all new crazy innovations to attract consumers. Especially in the food industry, you’ll find lots of great innovative products. However, some of them aren’t very successful and turn out to be bad ideas. Here are some bad food innovations:


Canned Cheeseburger by Trekking Mahlzeiten

This is a burger stored in a can and all you need to do is to put the can in hot water for two minutes. After two minutes you can take it out and it’ll be ready to eat instantly. First of all I don’t know who want to eat a hamburger that has been stored in a can. Secondly, it doesn’t taste as good and has a shelf life of 12 months, which makes me so disgusted because I don’t know who would want to eat something that has been sitting there for a year. Continue reading

Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards


I’m Mahum. Welcome to our blog, where my friend, Melanie, and I will be posting on all things related to food. Personally, I love eating new kinds of foods and learning creative techniques that people use in their cooking/baking. Food is important in my life because it relieves my stress when I eat it. It brings peace to my mind and happiness to my stomach because I get some time to forget my worries. Usually when I’m stressed, you can find me eating ice-cream or desperately searching for some kind of chocolate to eat. For example, the day before school started, my mom found me eating a cup full of ice-cream (yes, I eat my ice-cream in a cup), which hadn’t been touched for two weeks since we came back from vacation. She looked at me and was like “Hmm, you’ve already started stressing out and you’re school hasn’t even started yet.” So, when it comes to worrying or anxiety, I’m one of those people who eats a lot.

I love this quote so much!!! Anyway, I’m looking forward to write and share more things about food on my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading.


Inspiring quote

Inspiring quote

Welcome to two MT stomachs! I’m Melanie and I have a passion for everything food. My mentality is: you have to eat, so make it delicious and enjoyable. Unless you are stranded in the middle of a desert, then by all means go ahead and eat that caterpillar. Anyways, I believe this quote by Virginia Woolf fits my mentality so perfectly and thought it might inspire you to get that perfectly tender yet pricey Kobe beef. Carpe diem… or seize the food? Just please don’t buy a $25,000 chocolate ice cream sundae. And yes, that is real. Want to see? Just goggle most expensive desert! Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!