Last week I watched the film Rocky for the first time and I really enjoyed it. One thing that I learned was the importance of friendship when we face problems in life. In the movie, Rocky is chosen to compete against the heavyweight champion Apollo Creed in a huge heavyweight championship. Although Rocky knows that he will most likely not defeat Apollo, he puts a lot of effort in his training so that he can go as far as he can in the fight. Most importantly, he receives lots of support, comfort, and love from his girlfriend Adrian. She is a good influence on him and is there for him when he is feeling down and throughout his training. Even though, Rocky doesn’t win in the end, he is able to reach his personal goal with the help of his determination and Adrian.


I can relate to this because this year I realized how important it is to have good friends. The people that are always by your side when you need them most and respect you and your beliefs. Whenever I had any school related problems or worries,  I would turn to my friends because I knew they would sacrifice their time to help me and make sure I was doing fine. They would also brighten up my day and make me laugh when I was stressed out or not in a good mood. Another important thing about good friends is that they are a good influence on you. My friends are a reflection of who I am. They make me a better person and help me fix my mistakes.

picture quotes 33

Honestly, I am SO thankful for my friends! And I hope that they feel the same about me 🙂


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