How to make a Paracord Bracelet

Hey, it’s Melanie. This post is for English so it’s not food related. Sorry.



Why? Why make a chunky bracelet that, let’s be honest, is an eyesore? Well, it can save your life that’s why. Here are a couple of the many uses for paracord. Just unravel this baby and you’ll have at least 7-9 feet of life-saving, sturdy rope!

1. Floss. Yes, you should still maintain that dental hygiene, even if it’s in the wilderness and no one is going to see you. But, you will do it for yourself! Because you are worth it and you have self-respect! And, let’s just say, if someone came to rescue you, do you really want them to run for the hills seconds after talking to you; not even giving you a second chance to explain yourself because of that horrid breath? No. You want to live. Because life is BEAUTIFUL.


2. Bow and Arrow. Make one with your rope and sticks. And go be cool like Katniss Everdeen. While your at it, you could also use some rope to secure the end of a braid, too. Just a thought.


3. Tourniquet. If you have an open wound, tie the paracord around it to stop the bleeding. Tada! You owe me $1,000 for medical bills!


4. Shoelaces. Tie your broken/ripped shoes together or replace old shoelaces. Don’t want to walk around barefoot! Especially, with all of those nasty bugs and animals in the wilderness! Or fungus!



5. Lean-to Survival Shelter. Build your own mini-house in the woods! Isn’t it cute?


Okay, finally the part I was supposed to do. Show you how to make the paracord bracelet. I thought, why upload my own, when someone has already done it for me. So, here is a step-by-step tutorial I ripped off of a great person, who will be totally okay with this. I hope.



Once you’ve reached the bottom, light the ends to make sure they don’t unravel and there you have it! Your very own life wrapped around that wrist of yours. You are awesome. You know why? Because you know how to make a paracord bracelet!

Thanks for reading and have a great day, you crafty, little Martha Stewart!




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